The Kessler Digital Jog Control for Second Shooter Plus and CineDrive provides a wireless solution for focus that puts focus control back into your hands or the hands of your assistant. It is ideal for shooting interviews, events, sports and anything that moves. A main benefit of the Jog Controller is that the need for keyframes for focus is no longer an issue and you can adjust focus on the fly. This pairs well with automated pan, tilt and slides and allows for even greater creative control during event filmmaking and weddings. Because it is wireless, you can be across a room or remotely pull focus which is advantages in many shooting scenarios. The Digital Jog Controller has a robust built in battery system and features Magnalink magnetic mounts on the back to accept MagPaks if running for large extended periods of time. 



Required items for use with Second Shooter Plus:
Second Shooter Plus Controller
CineDrive F.I.Z. Motor V3.
Second Shooter F.I.Z. Adapter Cable

Required items for use with CineDrive:
CineDrive Brain
CineDrive F.I.Z. Motor V3.
V2 CineDrive Motor Control Box (V2 is notated by etched marking on the side of the MCB)*
CineDrive Control Cable

* The Digital Jog Control is NOT compatible with V1 Motor Control Boxes
NOTE: Operation with CineDrive is only available hardwired via a CineDrive Control Cable