Adrien Oneiga is a producer, designer, and cinematographer whose passion is creating emotive content and immersive experiences across land, sea, and sky.

With a background in experience design, he has a talent for bringing innovation through multi-sensory technology. His intuitive design aesthetic and technical prowess have made him highly sought after as a key creative and consultant. Since 2004, he has collaborated with numerous brands and agencies on elaborate campaigns, events, and interactive media installations, most recently commissioned to shoot for IMAX big screen.  

An avid adventurer,  Adrien deeply enjoys sharing heartfelt stories from across the world especially connected to environmental and humanitarian causes.  He has served as Unit director and cinematographer for remote projects including Tibet, Pakistan, and the Amazon.  Passionate with technology, he actively tests, designs, and consults new features and creative tools in the field.

Personal Statement:

My collective body of work focuses on developing a deeper connection between our planet and inhabitants as a living system. I have a deep fascination and reverence for indigenous cultures, mythology, and our ecosystem. This has brought me to remote parts of the world, learning from my travels while contributing to a variety of film projects which are in various stages of production. 

My design principles are informed by harmonic ratios found in music and nature, influenced with japanese and swiss-german minimalism.  Passionate with visual communication for new media and scenography, I leverage technology in tasteful ways to present concept in immersive ways.  It is my hope to encourage people in a profoundly human way to connect to the living, sentient force that is contained in people, plants, and animals, with love and care.