What to do with my first generation second SHOOTEr?

Technology moves fast, there’s no doubt about it. And for many users being on the forefront of technology is part of their game plan. In order to make Second Shooter Plus available to as many current Second Shooter owners as possible, we’ve taken the step of creating a limited time upgrade path for those users looking to upgrade to Second Shooter Plus but don’t need a secondary controller for Bridge Mode or as a backup/secondary rig. 



Our Upgrade Program works like this, current Second Shooter owners will need to e-mail support@kesslercrane.com for an RMA#, then download the “Upgrade Form”, fill it out completely and ship their Second Shooter controller and AC Power Supply with all International Plugs, if applicable, to the provided address and if in qualifying working condition, will receive $200 as credit to www.store.kesslercrane.com towards a Second Shooter Plus. The $200 credit will be applied to your existing account or we will create one for you in the absence of an existing account.



One of the biggest features continued with Second Shooter Plus from Second Shooter is Bridge Mode. By utilizing one of the available expansion ports, users can link two Second Shooter Plus controllers OR a Second Shooter Plus and first generation Second Shooter controller to have 6-axes available simultaneously. For current Second Shooter owners looking to upgrade to Second Shooter Plus, this is a fantastic way to incorporate their existing unit into a 6-axis advanced motion control rig where FIZ control can be combined with slide, pan and tilt for extraordinary motion control shots. 



As many users have found, Second Shooter is an amazing production tool and has saved users time, money and worry about not getting the perfect shot. In many cases production teams are simultaneously trying to capture time-lapses for b-roll and shooting interviews with Looping Mode on Second Shooter in more than one location at a time. It goes without saying, but in these instances a secondary Second Shooter rig could play an important role, thus making the decision to hold onto the first gen. controller a no brainer.