The Kessler Kwik Rail is custom machined threaded rail that can be configured into variable lengths for use with Shuttle Dolly and other standard rail on the market today. What makes Kwik Rail unique is that by eliminating the need for connectors or coupling devices to attach two pieces of rail together we’ve eliminated those unnecessary parts that can get lost and introduce more seams to the dolly rail and instead designed Kwik Rail to have the rails themselves threaded. The integrated Kwik Thread™ design makes the connection between rail sections very secure and  incredibly fast, up to four times faster than traditional threaded rail - saving time, money and frustration on set.

The Kwik Rail comes in two sizes, 4’ (42.375”) and 2’ (23.875”) and includes aluminum thread protectors that will ensure your threads are not damaged during travel or in-use. The anodized 6061 T6 aluminum schedule 80 pipe used for the Kwik Rail has thicker walls than many other threaded rails available, increasing durability and ensuring maximum weight bearing, yet is drastically lighter than traditional threaded rail. The precision grind on the Kwik Rail is second to none and provides a seamless transition from section to section.

There’s zero question, when you purchase the Kessler Kwik Rail you are getting the absolute highest quality variable length screw together rail available. 



MSRP $215.00

The Kwik Rail 24" set provides users with 2 pieces of 24" custom machined threaded rail and 2 custom machined protective end caps.



MSRP $250.00

The Kwik Rail 42" set provides users with 2 pieces of 42" custom machined threaded rail and 2 custom machined protective end caps.



MSRP $999.90

The complete Kwik Rail Leg System provides users with everything they need to use Kwik Rail as the supports for the Shuttle Dolly, including four 42’ Kwik Rail segments used as the legs, four Kwik Rail Clamps that feature a safety-lock mechanism for attaching the legs to the dolly track rail and four rubber Kwik Rail Foot Adapters.





MSRP $199.95

With the optional Kwik Rail case users will find that mobility and organization were key to the Kwik Rail’s development and will have an ideal case to both protect and deliver their rail to each location. 

Kwik Rail Leg Clamps

MSRP $399.95 (Set of 4)

Kwik Rail Leg Clamps allow you to use Kwik Rail or standard rail as adjustable legs for the shuttle dolly.


Shuttle Dolly Motor Mount 

MSRP $199.95

The Shuttle Dolly Motor Mount allows you to mount one of our motion control slider motors to the Shuttle Dolly


Shuttle Dolly Keeper/Grabber Wheels w/ Brake

MSRP $299.95

Keeper/Grabber Wheels ensure that the Shuttle Dolly Platform will not be able to fall off of the rail you are using.  Keeper/Grabber Wheels are compatible with rail ranging from 1.25" - 2" in diameter.  The brake is compatible with rail ranging from 1.25" - 1.5" in diameter.


Stand Adapter 

MSRP $24.95

The 3/8”-16 to Female Baby / Male Junior Pin Adapter is used mount your slider, Shuttle Dolly Clamps/Supports or other accessories to stands with a standard Male Baby Pin (5/8”) or a Female Junior Pin Receiver (1-1/8”). 


Mitchel Adapter Plate Insert

MSRP 129.95

A Mitchell Camera Plate insert can be connected for large format film tripod heads and accessories. 


Kwik Rail Foot Adapters

MSRP $99.95

Available with adjustable rubber or spike feet this is must have when using the Kwik Rail as legs for your Shuttle Dolly system. 


Basic Center Rail Support

MSRP $39.99

Tthe Basic Center Rail Support provide a platform for the rail to be placed on.



MSRP $79.99

Gives you the same amazing support as the Basic but thanks to the adjustable feet the Deluxe allows your to level the rail

Center Rail Ground Support

MSRP $99.99

Use the Shuttle Dolly Center Rail Ground Support to support Rail every 5 feet when doing a set up on the ground. Use the optional 3/8"-16 to Female Baby / Male Junior Pin Adapter to mount on your stands with a standard Male Baby Pin (5/8”) or a Female Junior Pin Receiver (1-1/8”).