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Motion Control
Motion control adds dynamic effect and production value to any shoot. Whether motorizing your slider or pan and tilt head or upgrading to a 5-axis moco system, Kessler's analog and digital solutions provide superior motion control on various platforms, depending on each shooter's personal needs and budget.
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elektraDRIVE (Analog)

The elektraDRIVE is the solution for motorizing and controlling Kessler Crane’s line of dolly & slider products such as the Pocket Dolly, Stealth, Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly, CineSlider, Shuttle Pod and Shuttle Pod Mini. The elektraDRIVE and controller bundles meet the unique motion control demands filmmakers have today.
Starting at $249.95

Second Shooter™ (Digital)

Second Shooter™ is a revolutionary motion control system that boasts a sleek and compact design, feature-rich operation and an incredibly intuitive user interface. Featuring 100% repeatable motion control for live-mode, looping, time-lapse and stop-motion applications. Unlike stepper motor based moco systems on the market today, Second Shooter™ receives feedback communication from digital-encoded motors in determining motor positions to ensure precise control. Second Shooter™ provides users with ultra-smooth and quiet motion control, making it an outstanding companion on any job.
Starting at $699.95

CineDrive (Digital)

Kessler CineDrive is a revolutionary multi-axis camera motion control system that puts the emphasis on filmmaker creativity. Never before has any one system provided the power and versatility required to give users multi-axis control that is configurable enough to meet the needs of filmmakers in the studio and in the field as elegantly as CineDrive does.
Starting at $2,199.95

Motion Control Accessories

Add on to your motion control system with accessories such as Cat5 cables, 12vDC adapters, Crossover cables, Joystick Protectors and more.