Motion Control

Second Shooter Plus


Second Shooter Plus is a reimagined counterpart to its predecessor and introduces features and upgrades that stem from thousands of hours in-the-field and requests from an enormous group of filmmakers looking to dig deeper into their craft. Kessler has always prided itself on listening and engaging our customers to design and manufacture the best products available and with Second Shooter Plus, we believe we’ve done exactly that.

Starting at $599.95 (Controller Only)

Second Shooter

Digital Motion control

Second Shooter™ is a revolutionary motion control system that boasts a sleek and compact design, feature-rich operation and an incredibly intuitive user interface. Featuring 100% repeatable motion control for live-mode, looping, time-lapse and stop-motion applications. 

Starting at $399 (Controller Only)



Kessler CineDrive is a revolutionary multi-axis camera motion control system that puts the emphasis on filmmaker creativity. Never before has any one system provided the power and versatility required to give users multi-axis control that is configurable enough to meet the needs of filmmakers in the studio and in the field as elegantly as CineDrive does. 

Starting at $2599.95



The elektraDRIVE motion control system is a complete analog motion control family of products designed to motorize any of our compatible sliders and motorized heads to achieve smooth and consistent camera movement for live action, time-lapse or stop motion applications. Control of elektraDRIVE is accomplished with either the Basic Controller or ORACLE Control System and can be configured for high speed or high torque scenarios, depending on camera weights and shooting styles.

Starting at $499.95

Digital Control Center


The Digital Control Center (DCC) represents the latest innovation of the Kessler motion control product offering. Similar in concept to the previous generation of analog controller, Oracle, the DCC brings real-time manual control via a joystick to CineDrive.

Starting at $799.95