An easier way to level.

The HD Angle Plate is the newest addition to Kessler’s mounting & grip accessories. It fills a gap for heavy duty leveling of up to 50 lbs., ideal for use with Kessler motion control heads.
Easily tilt the the HD Angle Plate’s platform from 0-95 degrees by utilizing the locking levers to securely mount the platform into position. For minor angles, the low-angle locking levers add stability to prevent slipping. The HD Angle Plate also features a 360-degree swivel with an easy one-handed lock maximizing the HD Angle Plate’s versatility.



The HD Angle Plate can handle up to 50 lbs. Mount it between your slider and motion control head for more versatility in every shot.



Most angle plates are weak and can slip in low angles. The HD Angle Plate has specific locking levers for low angles to prevent slipping, keeping your rig safe.



Angle from 0-95 degrees for every application, including vertical moves. 


360 Degree Swivel with Easy Lock

No need to remount your rig if not aligned perfectly. Use the built-in swivel to get the perfect frame.



To ensure a perfectly level composition.