The elektraDRIVE motion control system is a complete analog motion control family of products designed to motorize any of our compatible sliders and motorized heads to achieve smooth and consistent camera movement for live action, time-lapse or stop motion applications. Control of elektraDRIVE is accomplished with either the Basic Controller or ORACLE Control System and can be configured for high speed or high torque scenarios, depending on camera weights and shooting styles.


Basic Controller + elektraDRIVE Motor

This combination is great for shooters looking for simplicity and those concerned with keeping their pack weight light. The Basic Controller keeps things simple by having accessible left and right buttons and a speed knob that is adjustable on-the-fly. ElektraDRIVE motors come in 5 different speed/torque options for every application. 

Rev 2 Pan/Tilt Head + Oracle Controller

The Kessler Revolution Head 2 is fully motorized pan and tilt head engineered to meet the expanding needs of filmmakers today. Built with over and under-slung shooting in mind, the compact design makes the head more secure than other heads on the market. A perfect addition to your crane and slider rigs, controlling pan and tilt movement has never been easier than with the Revolution Head.