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elektraDRIVE BASIC and ORACLE Controllers for motion control systems. The ORACLE Controller, with SmartLapse, is the core of our motion control / timelapse systems. The controller is one of the three components needed to motorize our sliders.

You can also find our Camera Control Module and cables for use with the intervalometer functionality of the ORACLE..
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elektraDRIVE BASIC Controller v2.0
Our Price: $249.95
Sale Price: $199.95
You save $50.00!

The ORACLE Control System is the core of our elektraDRIVE line of products. Almost two years in development, we set out to make the ultimate multi-function controller for our line of electronic products. The ORACLE Control System is interchangeable between multiple products like our REVOLUTION head and elektraDRIVE motor pods for Kessler sliders.

The elektraDRIVE BASIC Controller is for use with the elektraDRIVE motor configurations for Kessler sliders, when the advanced features of our ORACLE Controller are not needed. The Camera Control Module is an inline interface box between the Oracle Controller and either a slider motor or Pan & Tilt Head. With the Camera Control Module, you are able to access and use the camera control features of the Oracle Controller to be able to trigger a camera. Use this as a remote trigger for your camera or an intervalometer for time-lapses, including Stop-Motion and Shoot-Move-Shoot modes.
This is 6' CAT5 Extension Cable & single in-line Coupler. You can use this if you do not need the length of the 25' CAT5 cable that comes with the ORACLE Controller. You can also use this as a bridge between the slider motor and the slider cart/carriage when doing a 2-axis movement with the slider and the Revolution Head or Turntable.

This crossover cable & coupler allows you to control the PAN axis of the REVOLUTION Head and the slider motor at the same time, with one ORACLE controller (while in Slider/TT mode on the ORACLE with v2.06.2 SL or newer).Without this, you can only control the TILT axis in the Slider/TT mode.

*If using the elektraDRIVE BASIC controller with the Turntable, you will also need the  Kessler Crossover Cable & Coupler .

*If using the ORACLE controller to control a slider as well as the Turntable, you will also need the Kessler Crossover Cable & Coupler .
All ORACLE Controllers are now shipping with the v3.02SL SmartLapse™ software installed. If the firmware version on your controller is not v3.02SL or later, you can have your ORACLE Controller upgraded by ordering the upgrade below. Follow the instructions in the ORACLE SmartLapse™ Upgrade document below to have your ORACLE updated with the current firmware version.

ORACLE SmartLapse™ Upgrade Form
As of March 1, 2012 the new version (v2.0) of the Camera Control Module has been released.

This update now allows for the control of your camera's exposure with the ORACLE, when your camera is set to Bulb Mode. All new orders will be shipped with v2.0

Camera Control Module v2.0 Firmware Upgrade Form