Kessler CineDrive® is a revolutionary multi axis camera motion control system that puts the emphasis on filmmaker creativity. Never before has any one system provided the power and versatility required to give users multi axis control that is configurable enough to meet the needs of filmmakers in the studio and in the field as elegantly as CineDrive® does. Its modular design allows users to custom build their system in a matter of minutes or months, depending on budget and use. Whether for live-action, time-lapse or stop-motion, CineDrive® was built to give users robust keyframable motion control at their fingertips. Its rock-solid engineering and innovative technology ensures it performs today and will continue to for years to come.




Live & Looping







Digital Control Center

The Digital Control Center (DCC) represents the latest innovation of the Kessler motion control product offering. Similar in concept to the previous generation of analog controller, Oracle, the DCC brings real-time manual control via a joystick to CineDrive.


Perfect Repeatability

100% Repeatable Moves

When precision is essential, CineDrive delivers. Perfect repeatable motion control is a hallmark of the system. Don't waste time fixing in post what CineDrive can accomplish in camera.


Heavy Duty Build Quality

CineDrive’s superior build quality is part of what separates it from the competition and makes it the perfect tool in the harshest of environments. Incredibly durable aluminum construction ensure product longevity and performance in the field.


Up To 10 Axis Control

Need more than slide, pan & tilt? Connect up to 10 motors (focus/iris/zoom or more slide, pan & tilt) for the ultimate setup. 

Digitally Encoded Motors

Digitally encoded DC motors give feedback of position to the brain for exact motor positioning down to less than 4 hundredths of a degree of rotation or ½ thousandths of an inch linear motion- all while being much more smooth and quiet.

Analog Controller

Control CineDrive motors without a laptop or computer for live movement.

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Worm Gears

The Pan & Tilt's high-precision worm drive system ensures ultra-smooth motion that is lash free, preventing the possibility of being back-driven, keeping your camera safe even if power is lost to the system.

Motor Options
5+ Motors with different speed and torque ratings for every application.

Daisy Chain & Branching

With multiple ins & outs on each motor - there's no wrong way to hook up CineDrive.


Heavy Duty/Weather Resistant Connections

Built to withstand the toughest environments.

Memory Card Slot

Easily update firmware, save moves and more.

CANbus Connection

Allows for future expansion.


32-bit Processor

Powerful enough for multi-axis motion control.


Each brain has a built in flashlight, so no need to fill up space in your gear bag with one.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

CineDrive creates its own WiFi network that you can connect your device to instantly.

Now featuring Wi-Fi Access Point

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