Kessler CineDrive® is a revolutionary multi axis camera motion control system that puts the emphasis on filmmaker creativity. Never before has any one system provided the power and versatility required to give users multi axis control that is configurable enough to meet the needs of filmmakers in the studio and in the field as elegantly as CineDrive® does. Its modular design allows users to custom build their system in a matter of minutes or months, depending on budget and use. Whether for live-action, time-lapse or stop-motion, CineDrive® was built to give users robust keyframable motion control at their fingertips. Its rock-solid engineering and innovative technology ensures it performs today and will continue to for years to come.



Intuitive Interface

IPAD, Mac OS and WINDOWS 7 & 8

As featuring rich and powerful as CineDrive is, the ease-of-use is just as impressive. Instead of wasting time on shoots trying to figure out the system, CineDrive's quick set-up and intuitive kOS software gives users the ability to set up incredibly complex motion control moves, with relatively litte learning in a short amount of time. Setting and editing key frames on-the-fly ensures ultimate control and flexibility in the system's workflow - eliminating wasted time for you and your clients. 


Perfect Repeatability

100% Repeatable Moves

When precision is essential, CineDrive delivers. Perfect repeatable motion control is a hallmark of the system. Don't waste time fixing in post what CineDrive can accomplish in camera.


Modular Design

Each user has specific needs and CineDrive accommodates. Built for modular expansion, users have the ability to expand their system as their needs change. No matter if the job requires a 10 axis move or just 1, CineDrive can be configured to meet your demands. 


Control Any Motion

Live, looping, stop-motion, time lapse, GigaPixel and event mode moves are at your fingertips.

Digital Key Framing

Simply move each axis into position and hit record. CineDrive remembers exact positioning for 100% repeatable moves.


CineDrive creates its own WiFi network that you can connect your device to instantly.

Now featuring Wi-Fi Access Point

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EASY Key Frame smoothing

Add & manipulate curves to your moves for ease in and ease outs. Also, link each side of the key frame to match.


Editable key frames

No need to re-record the move if it's not exactly what you want. Edit one or all axes and key frames into the perfect position. Featuring incremental, exact motor position and tap & move key frame adjustments.


Repeat the exact same move over and over again. Even change the duration to have the same move played out in different lengths of time. Want a move where the shot transitions from a live plate to a time-lapse? No problem. Simply repeat the move as a live shot and as a time lapse to blend together in post.



Not going to be around when your move needs to start? No problem. Easily set a date/time or fixed amount of time to have your move begin. CineDrive takes care of the rest.


Sync up your moves easily via the built-in flash marks with adjustable delay. Currently, there are five types of flash marks available: Brain LED, Flashlight, Audible Tone, Flash Screen (device), Software Clap (device). Choose one or choose all. 


Easily add photos to your move before the move begins and after the move ends. 



Set minimum and maximum ranges on each axis (ie. slider 0" to 32") and go to any position by entering a value.


This feature allows for pre-loading a move so that you are able to start instantly whenever you are ready.

Camera Roll

Trigger your camera to start recording any amount of time before the move begins and when to stop after the move ends.


Analog Control PANEL

Manually control several axes live with the built in analog controller. 


Event mode is mainly intended for live events or scenarios where exact position recalling on-the-fly is needed. For example, if you are filming a live concert, you can have different positions on stage saved. You can move easily from the drummer, to the guitarist, to the lead singer and so forth. This mode is also great for repeatedly hitting actor marks on set.


GigaPixel is traditionally used for 360 degree virtual tours, panoramic photographs or GigaPixel images which are extremely high resolution photographs that are compiled of many lower resolution photographs.




Expand the graph with one touch when precise key framing is needed.

Scrub Through Move

Need to edit a key frame or see when the camera will be in a certain position? Use the scrub feature to instantly move to a desired position.


Looping is made easy with CineDrive and kOS. Simply select one-time or continuous along with the type of reverse to first key frame method.


Firmware Updates

Quick and easy downloadable software/firmware updates via the Internet. No need to send anything in for the latest features.

Camera Control

Set CineDrive to trigger or control your camera’s exposure time within kOS.

Auto Time Lapse Calculation

Enter your desired clip length and frame rate and kOS will calculate the run time needed.


Bump Buttons

Move in very small increments to ensure a precise position is on point.

Dropbox Integration

Upload saved moves directly to your Dropbox account within kOS app.

Motor Configuration

Each axis is able to be customized. For example: axis name, run speed, dampening, smooth curves and bump button adjustment values.



Need to remember something specific about your setup for the particular move? Notes are saved with the move’s settings for future reference.



Up To 10 Axis Control

Need more than slide, pan & tilt? Connect up to 10 motors (focus/iris/zoom or more slide, pan & tilt) for the ultimate setup. 

Digitally Encoded Motors

Digitally encoded DC motors give feedback of position to the brain for exact motor positioning down to less than 4 hundredths of a degree of rotation or ½ thousandths of an inch linear motion- all while being much more smooth and quiet.

Analog Controller


Control CineDrive motors without a laptop or computer for live movement.


Worm Gears

The Pan & Tilt's high-precision worm drive system ensures ultra-smooth motion that is lash free, preventing the possibility of being back-driven, keeping your camera safe even if power is lost to the system.

Motor Options
5+ Motors with different speed and torque ratings for every application.

Daisy Chain & Branching

With multiple ins & outs on each motor - there's no wrong way to hook up CineDrive.


Heavy Duty/Weather Resistant Connections

Built to withstand the toughest environments.

Memory Card Slot 

Easily update firmware, save moves and more.

CANbus Connection

Allows for future expansion.


32-bit Processor

Powerful enough for multi-axis motion control.


Each brain has a built in flashlight, so no need to fill up space in your gear bag with one.