Up To 10 Axis Control

Need more than slide, pan & tilt? Connect up to 10 motors (focus/iris/zoom or more slide, pan & tilt) for the ultimate setup. 

Digitally Encoded Motors

Digitally encoded DC motors give feedback of position to the brain for exact motor positioning down to less than 4 hundredths of a degree of rotation or ½ thousandths of an inch linear motion- all while being much more smooth and quiet.

Analog Controller

Control CineDrive motors without a laptop or computer for live movement.

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Worm Gears

The Pan & Tilt's high-precision worm drive system ensures ultra-smooth motion that is lash free, preventing the possibility of being back-driven, keeping your camera safe even if power is lost to the system.

Motor Options
5+ Motors with different speed and torque ratings for every application.

Daisy Chain & Branching

With multiple ins & outs on each motor - there's no wrong way to hook up CineDrive.


Heavy Duty/Weather Resistant Connections

Built to withstand the toughest environments.

Memory Card Slot

Easily update firmware, save moves and more.

CANbus Connection

Allows for future expansion.


32-bit Processor

Powerful enough for multi-axis motion control.


Each brain has a built in flashlight, so no need to fill up space in your gear bag with one.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

CineDrive creates its own WiFi network that you can connect your device to instantly.

Now featuring Wi-Fi Access Point

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