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Kessler CineDrive® is a revolutionary multi-axis camera motion control system that puts the emphasis on filmmaker creativity. Never before has any one system provided the power and versatility required to give users multi-axis control that is configurable enough to meet the needs of filmmakers in the studio and in the field as elegantly as CineDrive® does.

CineDrive® Bundles

The CineDrive® bundles are designed to provide users with a complete 1-axis or 3-axis motion control package. The CineDrive® bundles are also sold at a discounted price compared to building the system a la carte.
Starting at $2199.95

Brain & Control Modules

The CineDrive® Brain and Motor Control Boxes (MCBs) are the center of the CineDrive® system. The CineDrive® brain features an ultra-fast 32-Bit processor and is the core of any system, no matter how many axes needed. The MCBs are used to control all slide, focus, iris and zoom axes.
Starting at $999.95

Motorized Heads & Turntable

CineDrive® delivers superior flexibility and reliability when accomplishing pan & tilt movements. Its high-precision worm drive system ensures ultra-smooth motion that is lash free, eliminating the need to calibrate for lash compensation and preventing the possibility of being back-driven, keeping your camera safe even if power is lost to the system.
Starting at $3,799.95

Slider Motors

CineDrive® sliders motors are available in 5 different gear ratios, each providing unique benefits for different speed and torque needs. Although each motor can accomplish any slider movement, users have unique needs and CineDrive® provides unique options for optimal performance in each application.
Starting at $399.95

Focus/Iris/Zoom Motors

The CineDrive® F.I.Z. motors are used to pull external focus, iris and zoom, adding rich quality and depth to films. Adjustable positioning provides functionality with lenses of near every size.
Starting at $499.95

Motor Mounts

Kessler motor mounts are used to mount motors to Kessler camera sliders such as Pocket Dollies, CineSliders, Stealths and Shuttle Pods.
Starting at $99.95

Mounting & Grip

These accessories are used to mount CineDrive® components to an array of tripods and rigs.
Starting at $39.95

CineDrive® Cables

CineDrive® cables are used to extend or modify systems based on the number of axes needed. Replacement cables are also available for control cables and power cables.
Starting at $99.95

Camera Control Cables

Camera Control Cables are used in conjunction with CineDrive to be able to control camera shutter trigger and/or record start/stop functions, etc.
Starting at $19.95