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The Kessler Story

In 2003, Kessler Crane was born when Eric Kessler, along with some friends, began doing some small video projects, and found that, after investing in over nine different cranes, what was currently on the market was missing something. So, seeking a way to get a crane that could provide much better results and raise the production value, Eric built his own. After a time of troubleshooting other models, Eric changed his design to include light weight aluminum instead of heavy, rust prone steel. Combined with a price that simply couldn’t be beat, Kessler cranes were in demand.

Because of the superior quality and reasonable cost, things started to snowball. First, it was one a week, then two a week, and it just kept growing. Initially, we projected we would sell fifty in the first year. After a short while, it was clear that number was way under bid. From there, Kessler Crane started working with local filmmakers to find ways of improving the original design, a practice that we continue to this day.

The problem with having a crane, however, was most people didn't have a head strong enough to support one. Again, the problem with having a large head was the expense. Always rising to the occasion, we began to build heads strong enough to support our cranes. From there came a tripod and an entire line of support accessories.

It was around this time we began manufacturing the Pocket Dolly and then the Cineslider. From there came motion control products. Again, the high quality and reasonable price kept inventory flying off of the shelves and caused us to put in a ridiculous amount of hours to meet demand. Always looking to improve, we spent a lot of time talking to customers as they would call. If we heard the same requests from different customers, we knew it was something we needed to consider, to either improve the current products or make new ones.

Now in 2012, due to our relentless need and desire for a better product, Kessler Crane continues to expand our line of camera cranes, jibs, and support gear. We continue to consult some of the most successful DPs and camera operators in the industry to ensure Kessler products are not just of the highest quality, but they also address the needs of shooters today.