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Camera Sliders
Kessler cranes and jibs continue to be the backbone of our business. From the lightweight and extremely mobile Pocket Jib Traveler to the largest 18' crane, whatever size your rig and whatever environment you're in, there's a crane or jib that meets your needs.
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Fixed Length
Camera Sliders

Kessler’s line of fixed length camera sliders are the industry standard for portable dolly systems.
Starting at $499

Camera Sliders

Modular camera sliders provide filmmakers the linear slider motion they need in a portable and extendable solution. When a fixed length camera slider is smaller than required, the Shuttle Pod and/or Shuttle Pod Mini provide unlimited track length to execute shots of significant distance in a very portable solution that breaks down small enough to travel with.
Starting at $499.90


Extendable up to 50 feet in length, the K-Flex system is extremely flexible allowing both straight or curved dolly shooting. Easily mount other Kessler systems like cranes, sliders and jibs to the K-Flex system
using the Kessler K-Pod.

Starting at $699.95