Battery & Power



MSRP $99.95

The MagPak™ Battery is an ultra-portable power solution for Kessler motion control products, specifically designed for Second Shooter. Featuring 3.8Ah @12.6V (48Wh), the battery has been tested running a 3-axis Second Shooter at 50% power for 8+ hours. Using Kessler’s Magnalink system, the battery mounts behind the Second Shooter controller to ensure an organized and secure set up.


Camera Battery Adapter

MSRP $49.95

Use the Kessler Camera Battery Adapter for Canon 5D Mark II/5D Mark III/7D/60D to power your 5D Mark II/5D Mark III/7D/60D camera with AC wall power adapter for the BASIC or ORACLE controllers or with our 12v DC batteries with DC adapter. With this battery adapter you can power your camera for an extended length of time, ideal for those long time-lapse setups.